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  Contact Lens Do's and Don'ts Make-up and Contact Lenses Proper Care of Eyeglasses
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Make-up and Contact Lenses

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  • Apply Cosmetics after you insert your lenses.
  • Apply eye make-up only on the outer lid margin past the lashed.
  • Remove lenses before removing make-up.
  • Remove all make-up daily with an oil-free, hypo-allergenic remover.
  • Clean lenses immediately if you get any make-up on your lenses.
  • Use a non-oily, waterproof mascara to prevent flaking and excess smudges.
  • Replace mascara and eyeliner every three months.






  • Don't wear contacts or apply cosmetics if you have red or swollen eyes or have an eye infection.
  • Don't use water or saliva to lubricate the make-up applicator.
  • Don't apply eyeliner to the inner margin of your eyelid.
  • Don't share cosmetics.
  • Don't expose cosmetics to heat.
  • Don't use glitter make-up, as it may get under the lens and scratch the eye.

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